Frenquently Ask Questions

How FOOD-AW Works?

FOOD-AW is an online food delivery service that connects you to different local restaurants, anywhere around the island! Forget the hassle of cooking yourself, and let someone else make the food and deliver it straight to your door. Simply log onto our app or website and place your order. We'll send you a e-mail to confirm what your delivery/pick up time is, and soon enough you'll have a delicious stress­free meal (with tonnes less washing up too!).

What payment types do you accept?

Getting your food to you should be easy, so paying for your food needs to be easy too. We accept cash payments and debit or credit. This means you can use VISA, MasterCard, and any debit card from local banks.

How do I know my order has gone through?

You'll get an confirmation e-mail within 5-­10 minutes of ordering that will give you an estimated time of your order completion.

I haven’t received a confirmation email from FOOD-AW.

Don't panic, it could be that we don’t have your correct email address or your phone number. if you do not receive a confirmation response in the estimated time (5 to 10min) You should probably visit our website and click on our "live chat" so one agent will give an update of your order STATUS.

I want to ADD something else from a supermarket to my order what can I do? 

you send us a whatssap message on +2975927330 and we will add it to your order, we will charge the extra items manually and 5fl service charge. 

You can contact us 

My order is late.

Our restaurant partners try their best to deliver every order on time, but unexpected situations can occur. If your hunger grows visit our website and click on our "live chat" and we can look into this for you.

I need to cancel my order.

We understand that sometimes plans change and cancelling is your only option. We can cancel your order before you receive the confirmation response or if the restaurant hasn't started preparing it yet, for cancelling​,​ ​g​ive us call on +2975927330(or Whatssap) or visit our website and click on our "live chat" ​ so we can assist you.​

I received my order but i'm not happy with it.

Have a quick look at the email we sent containing your order details and make sure it's correct. If there is a difference please give the restaurant a call and see how they can fix up the mistake. Or call us on +2975927330 or visit our website and click on our "live chat" and we can help too!.

I have received my order, but it's not what I requested.

Quick, double check the confirmation email!, If there is a difference between what’s on the email and what you received, please call the restaurant straight away to let them know. Of course, our team are also always happy to help you out if you’re not able to resolve this directly with the restaurant call us on +2975927330 or visit our website and click on our "live chat" and we can help too!.

Nothing is showing up in my suburb, or my favorite local restaurant is not listed?

We try our best to get your local restaurant on FOOD-AW, but if we missed your favorite, let us know and we'll try and get them on board. write us on [email protected].